Solo Exhibition “katayamari”

27 March – 7 April 2009

Gallery J

Gallery J is a gallery space in a home improvement store called Joyful Honda in my hometown.

I used to go there to buy materials for my artwork since I was a child.

Perhaps this is where my motto for creating art objects, “Anyone can create with materials that can be found anywhere,” was inspired by this experience.

Painting and illustrations, photography; “white legs” and “in my room”.
Objects; “pink legs”, “neco cushion” and “leg cushion”.
Photography; “white legs” and “in my room”.
Objects; “red covers” and “white legs”.
Object; “pink shoes”.
Painting and Object; “pink shoes”.
Painting and Sound work; “time, space, canvas”.
Objects; “patch work” and “HW cushion”. Some collages.

個展『片山真理 /katayamari/』