neco cushion


Hand-sewn object.


My process of making artworks began with sewing. Until my legs were amputated at the age of nine, I wore supportive devices, which meant I couldn’t wear commercially produced trousers. My mother made me clothes that fitted perfectly, saying, “If you can’t find them, you can make them.” The house was always filled with the sound of the sewing machine, and I was making something with needles and threads even before I was able to write.

Contemporary art always emerges from your own lived experience. This is why I create using materials that anyone can get anywhere, such as old clothes, bedspreads and clippings from magazines.

Once the object was made, I would photograph it. In the early days, the main subject was the hand-sewn objects, and my own body was a mannequin to describe and document them for MySpace! If someone else took a photo of me, it would become their work, so I would always release the shutter myself. Even now, this is still my motto. The works started to be called self-portraits and I became known as a self-portraitist.

Art is not necessarily only beautiful, but I like beautiful things and I want to make beautiful things, because beauty is something we all have. The objects and self-portraits I made were connected to my family, neighbours, society and the world. And they showed me that there is something in me that is the same as you. I am “you.” I feel eternal and enchanted by such connections.