you’re mine


Self-portrait, Objects made of plaster, leather and mirror.

In 2014, I was invited by curator Fumihiko Sumitomo to experience an artist-in-residency. Until then, making art to me had been an extension of everyday life and I had never had a studio. This therefore was the first time for me to set up an environment for my practice as an artist. In the “25 days in tatsumachi studio” and “30 days in tatsumachi studio” series, I took self-portraits in the shop spaces of people I met during the residency. This approach made me aware of photography as a “work of art,” a medium that had previously been used for “documentation” and “description.” In the “you’re mine” series, on the other hand, I produced photographs as part of installation work involving mirrors and sculptures, taking some themes as departure points: the body as a living thing; the body with a certain social status; myself of this very moment reflected in the mirror; and questioning “which is me?” Through these experiences, the subject to which the camera is turned gradually changed from an object to the body as a socially engaged medium.

2014年、住友文彦氏に誘われ、アーティストインレジデンスを経験しました。それまで制作は生活の延長であり、特別にアトリエを持たなかった私にとって、作家として作るための環境を整えることは初めてでした。《25 days in tatsumachi studio》と《30 days in tatsumachi studio》では、滞在中に出会った方々のお店でセルフポートレートを撮影し、これまで「記録」や「説明」のためであった写真というメディアを「作品」として自覚するようになりました。また、《you’re mine》では生き物としての身体、社会的立場を持つ身体、「今」鏡に映り込む「わたし」、「どれが私なのか?」というテーマから、写真作品を鏡や彫刻を使ったインスタレーションの一部として制作します。これらの経験から、カメラを向ける主役はオブジェから、社会に関わる媒介としての「身体」に変わっていきました。



installation, object, photography