Video work and Self-portrait.

“tools” statement
Two artificial legs. I cannot take a step out my small room if even a small part of them disappeared.
When I walked into a deep forest, I felt so strongly how I was kept alive, and how I keep myself alive.
I wonder if it is transitory, to have a hope to walk, waiting for the time of natural selection.


— “tools” is what I created when I was participating in the reconstruction assistance projects of the Great East Japan Earthquake. I will no longer be able to walk even if I lose just a tiny part of my artificial leg.
Nowadays, we are kept alive by tools unconsciously, and we are going to be eliminated by these tools at the same time. So, who is the one to create and use them? This work came out of asking questions such as this.

In my video work, “Tools,” a sharp surgical scalpel cuts off an image of a face that doesn’t look like a picture at first glance. The photographic work in the “Tools” piece depicts myself standing with a surgical scalpel attached on my left hand in front of the background of the photograph from which a part of the face has been cut away.

The two of my selves, one of whom’s face has been cut away and the other who has cut my face off overlap; the legs which seem to be floating in the air or the hands for shooting photographs are hardly identifiable as to which one is the real one.
(from interview)


tools ステートメント


— 『tools』は、東日本大震災の復興支援プロジェクトに参加する際に制作したものです。私は義足の部品一つでも無くなったら歩く事ができません。いつの間にか我々は道具によって生かされ、道具によって排除されていくようになりました。では、その道具を作り、使用しているのは誰なのだろうかという問いから生まれた作品です。