I have child’s feet


Self-portrait with Hand-sewn objects.

In High Heel Project (2011-), I aim to create prosthetic legs that allow me to wear high heels, walk, and perform on stage. When I was a student, I worked as a singer at a jazz bar. One day, a customer heckled “a woman who doesn’t wear high heels is not a woman.” The vexation led me to initiate this project. As I carried out research and development of prostheses, however, I realised the fact of society that not everyone has the freedom or choice to even hold an aspiration. Especially in Japanese social welfare, fashion seemed to be a luxury and not important in the rehabilitation and social activities of the concerned party. This is a problem faced by everyone in society, regardless of whether we have a disability or not. The most important thing is not that everyone should wear high heels, but that, first and foremost, we should have the freedom to say what we want and what we don’t want. I must continue to walk and speak up wearing symbolic and extreme high heels.

I have childs feet” and “I’m wearing little high heels”, made on the project’s theme, became part of the Tate Modern collection.





object, photography