Just as history and the past are ‘left behind’ by people, we can pretend that inconvenient facts or unacknowledged love never happened if we bury them in the ground. Besides, even though there are things we really want to remember, forgetting is a means for human beings to continue living. That is probably why we entrust our memories to records, histories and works of art.

I just wanted to look back on the last four years. It was like being in a cavern, or like a treasure chest, filled only with important things. At times it was refreshing to be a completely different person, with new people and a new body. At other times it was nostalgic, like Hansel and Gretel returning home by collecting the white pebbles they had left behind in the past, so as not to get lost. Those white stones shone in the light of the full moon.

The time Calypso spent with Odysseus must have been bright, even in the cavern.

So as I leave here, one thing remains unchanged: I will always exclaim “All is white before my eyes!” as I marvel at, rejoice in and appreciate this world that is invariably too bright and dazzling.